The Who, What, Where and When of Color In Your Documents

This article will help you to assess and maximize the impact of your use of color in your documents and presentations, and what effect they have on the readers. First of all you need to identify who your readers are; what your purpose is; when to use color; and where to use color.

Who and What? - Determine who your target readers are and what the specific purpose of the document is. Is it an internal product for your employees or is it for the eyes of potential or existing customers. What is the purpose? Is it to advise, explain, sell, market etc. How many documents are involved? Is it just documents or are multimedia presentations needed. What results are you expecting? All these parameters need to be covered. Are your target audiences conservative or more open to vibrant colors in documents and presentations. Some cultures associate serious business messages with black and white. Just give your specific situation some thought.


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