Why Your Business Should Switch from Landline to VoIP

Technology has certainly changed the way we communicate in business, but the telephone remains a constant in the day-to-day operations of the modern office. You’re sure to see a telephone on the vast majority of desks in any workplace you survey. However, while we still make phone calls in the course of doing business, the technology we use to facilitate these calls has changed drastically from the traditional landlines we’ve relied on since the 19th century. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunications solution that many businesses have adopted as an alternative to landline technology. As opposed to plain old telephone service (POTs)—which uses conventional telephone lines for connectivity—VoIP technology uses the internet to facilitate calls. It bypasses old-fashioned copper phone lines by converting the user’s voice into a digital signal, transmitting that signal over the internet as data. This technology provides a number...

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Benefits of Workflow Automation
Workflow automation offers solutions to work smarter, not harder. By automating certain steps in your workflows, you will see an improvement in efficiency, a reduction in human errors, and improvement to internal communications. You will also simultaneously empower your...
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Ensuring Employee Loyalty
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Attract More Clients & Top Selling Agents
Between color and black and white, most clients along with 80% of the rest of the population - look at the color first.  Color affects our moods and influences our decisions on a very sub-conscience level. Bright colors make us happy, pastels calm us, red is...
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bizhub C258
The bizhub C258 multifunction office printer provides productivity features to speed your output in both color and B&W, including fast 25-ppm printing, optional single-pass dual scanning to bring originals into your workflow faster, graphics like color and powerful ...
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bizhub C659
The bizhub C659 color multifunction printer is the perfect platform for productive office environments with modular finishing and paper tray options, full mobile connectivity, user comfort and enhanced environmental performance. Add on Konica Minolta’s MarketPlace for ...
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KIP 860
The KIP 860 is ideal for environments that require convenient multifunction productivity with a single footprint space-saving design. The KIP 860 color print system provides extraordinary print quality and performance for both color and black & white wide format printing of ...
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